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I'm a commercial artist currently living in San Francisco. Contact: daniel.walker.g@gmail.com



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The Laughing Guardian

Personal piece

The original sketch had a "Ha!" in it and I like the comic book-like element so I kept a version with it



You can reach me at daniel.walker.g@gmail.com

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About me!

I'm a commercial artist currently living in Orange County, CA. I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and got a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in the area of Illustration and concept art. Among my illustration works I've developed storyboards, backgrounds, character designs, concept art and illustrations for a variety of mediums, from animated shorts and mobile games to music album covers and illustrations. I worked as a full time Toy Designer at Lanard Inc. and I'm currently working as a Designer and Illustrator for Blizzard's LATAM team.