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I'm a commercial artist currently living in San Francisco. Contact: daniel.walker.g@gmail.com



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Brush and Hush

"Color Playground" is a spin-off based on the children's book "The Color Kittens", designed to be rendered in 3d and animated.

These are the Character designs for Brush and Hush, the two main characters.

Logo designed by Madow Tsai
3d model of Brush by Wallis Wang
3d model of Hush by Emilio Gabbai-Saldate


You can reach me at daniel.walker.g@gmail.com

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About me!

I'm a commercial artist currently living in Orange County, CA. I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and got a Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in the area of Illustration and concept art. Among my illustration works I've developed storyboards, backgrounds, character designs, concept art and illustrations for a variety of mediums, from animated shorts and mobile games to music album covers and illustrations. I worked as a full time Toy Designer at Lanard Inc. and I'm currently working as a Designer and Illustrator for Blizzard's LATAM team.